Baking Soda and Vinegar: In the Home and Garden

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Baking Soda and Vinegar: In the Home and Garden

Like many of us, I like to keep a clean house. Cleaning my kitchen and bathroom sinks, counter tops and vanities once presented a challenge. How so? I refuse to use harsh chemicals, mainly because of my children's allergies and asthma. I also prefer an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution. I've found all this and more, by cleaning with a homemade paste I make from baking soda and vinegar. This all-natural cleaning solution removes most of my everyday stains and grime with ease. I just scour the surface with a scrubby-type sponge and it's a breeze. In addition to kitchen and bathroom surfaces, I use baking soda and vinegar cleaning paste on my parrot's cage. There are no harsh chemicals or fumes, so it's also perfect for cleaning the toddler's room. Try the same solution diluted with a bit of water to kill your garden weeds. You'll be amazed!



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Controlling Mosquitoes

With the recent news about the dangers of the Zika virus, an even stronger focus is being placed on mosquito control. Although you have long known that mosquitoes carry diseases such as malaria and West Nile virus, you may be especially worried about the risks of the Zika virus, which includes a serious birth defect. This season you need to take every precaution to keep your home and yard mosquito free.


This virus is caused by the Aedes mosquito and manifests itself through fever, joint pain, a rash, and red eyes. The illness itself only lasts for a week or less and is usually mild. You can easily be infected without knowing it. Although Zika is still rare in the US, at least nine pregnant women have recently been found to have it. One of the most devastating risks is having a child born with an abnormally small head and brain, a condition called microcephaly. Although most transmissions have been linked to people traveling outside of the country, the incidence is growing in the Americas. Taking precautions now just makes sense.

DIY Measures

Experts note that you are most at risk from mosquitoes from May until it freezes in the fall. You can attempt some do-it-yourself measures to keep down the infestation. You can purchase various mosquito traps and lures that will kill some of the creatures. Unfortunately, most of them will not keep up with a healthy mosquito population. Using insecticides yourself may be effective, but you do run the risk of inhaling pesticides, a real danger for pregnant women in particular. One of the most effective steps you can take is to keep standing water out of your yard. Wet, swampy areas are irresistible to these insects.

Professional Control

Investing in a professional service will be more effective for most homeowners. These companies will do a thorough inspection before taking any measures. Then they will determine the best and safest removal method for your situation. They can advise you on making your yard less attractive to mosquitoes and then use the right products to kill the population.

Mosquitoes are even more dangerous than they are annoying. Over the years, their danger has grown with the spread of new and deadly diseases such as the Zika virus. To keep your family safe, invest in quality mosquito protection, such as from Suffolk Pest Control. Your yard will not only be less dangerous: it will be more family friendly.