Baking Soda and Vinegar: In the Home and Garden

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Baking Soda and Vinegar: In the Home and Garden

Like many of us, I like to keep a clean house. Cleaning my kitchen and bathroom sinks, counter tops and vanities once presented a challenge. How so? I refuse to use harsh chemicals, mainly because of my children's allergies and asthma. I also prefer an environmentally-friendly cleaning solution. I've found all this and more, by cleaning with a homemade paste I make from baking soda and vinegar. This all-natural cleaning solution removes most of my everyday stains and grime with ease. I just scour the surface with a scrubby-type sponge and it's a breeze. In addition to kitchen and bathroom surfaces, I use baking soda and vinegar cleaning paste on my parrot's cage. There are no harsh chemicals or fumes, so it's also perfect for cleaning the toddler's room. Try the same solution diluted with a bit of water to kill your garden weeds. You'll be amazed!



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Light Up Your Landscaping With Efficient LED Bulbs And Fixtures

Lighting up your home's landscaping not only makes it more aesthetically appealing, but it brings an element of safety and security to your property. LED, or light-emitting diode, is an efficient way to illuminate the interiors of any home that is easily extended to exterior spaces. A typical LED bulb has a lifetime of approximately 50,000 hours, while a less-efficient halogen bulb only offers around 3,000 hours.

Some ways to use LED lighting around your property and landscaping are:

Truer colors. LED lights will show off the colors of your garden in a clearer, truer way. They filter the infrared and ultraviolet rays that could make your red flowers look off or that don't display the deep green of your manicured lawn.

Cooler light. Since LED lights and bulbs burn cooler, they are safe for placing near your plants, flowers, and seedlings. Don't worry about burning or wilting foliage when LED lights are placed in close proximity to your garden beds or borders.

Security and safety. Use strips of LED tape lighting for around your garage door or along walkways for a clever night light that can prevent slips, falls, or accidents.

Flood-lights. Look for LED flood-lights to illuminate the exteriors of your home and provide a sense of safety. These are often found with motions sensors, which will detect when someone or something has encroached on your property.

Pools of light. Install attractive wall sconce fixtures to your fences, exterior walls, or out-buildings for added light sources in your yard. These reflect light upward, which will make an attractive feature that is ideal when entertaining or enjoying your outdoor space.

Reduce moisture. Make sure that any outdoor light fixtures use tight, water-resilient globes to prevent moisture from getting inside and compromising the life of your LED bulbs. This will also prevent bugs and dirt from finding their way into your light fixtures, as well.

Pendant lamps. Install an energy-efficient LED pendant lamp over your picnic or dining table. Plan to position these hanging fixtures about three feet above the table for adequate clearance when in use.

Colorful light. LED light fixtures and bulbs are often found with color-changing features. This can highlight and enhance the looks of even the simplest landscape. This is also an effective way to alter the mood and atmosphere of your property whenever you wish.

Invest in LED bulbs and fixtures for cost-efficient and convenient lighting outside your home. Talk with home improvement retailers about options such as dimmers, remotes, and unique features to make your landscaping look even better! LED can save energy and money, while making your landscaping look sophisticated and safe.